Bond by Ollie Bird

tenderly i think
of what a fool i have been.
to believe that you
could not feel the pull
of the red thread bound in a
constant knot around
our hands, our stomachs,
our hearts, our dreaming minds, and
all the lies we’ve told.
take a stab at it,
with scissors, sewing needles,
fingernails, or teeth.
it only tightens
and distance only makes each
string snap back toward
itself – as we are again
crushed together like
children’s playthings.
cupid’s arrow slung
beautifully through your cradled
cheek, its barb wet and
red, immovable
between the tendons
of my hands.

Ollie Bird is the owner of a used bookstore in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando, FL. They live with their partner, step-son, two cats, and three birds. They’ve published short creative non-fiction pieces in Door Is A Jar magazine and Enizagam journal.